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Legal matters can be very stressful. For the average person, a court date is a daunting experience. Even if you aren’t required to appear in court, receiving a legal letter can also set you in panic. Similarly, dealing with a contrary neighbour, business associate, employee or employer can also be extremely disconcerting.

Over the years, we’ve found that two underlying issues are critically important to our clients. The first is overcoming their legal matter, and the second is getting back to their natural lives.

We consistently see positive results once we have demystified our client’s legal matters, and they both understand and agree with the remedies to their concerns.

Our practice is, therefore, not just about winning cases, it is about giving our clients their lives back.

M. Tariq Khan

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Our practice areas

We bring the same approach to any matter, be they contentious or non-contentious.

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Business Formation & Compliance

From the registration of business names to the intricacies of incorporating companies.

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Estate Planning​

Advice and professional services including the construction of Wills and the formation of trusts.

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Business & Contract Disputes​

Where one party fails to meet the the terms of an agreement.

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Family Law

Family matters require tact and sensitivity, as well as a focus on outcomes that are both realistic and fair.

Professional and experienced

Why choose Khan Chambers


It is essential that clients understand and agree with the legal solutions offered to them.


Legal matters can be very stressful. Most clients just want to return to their regular lives.


As new scenarios arise, the ability to incorporate them and adopt appropriate strategies is critical.