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Significant Judgments

This decision deals with the Claimant’s successful application to the United Nations’ Tribunal exercise jurisdiction in his disputes with the Government of Barbados.

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These appeals against the decision of Beckles J given on 31 August 2018, have settled the compulsory nature of membership of the Barbados Bar Association.

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This is an appeal from the judgment of Cornelius, J. in which she refused an application filed on August 10, 2010 by the appellants.

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BIPA sought leave to appeal the decision of Beckles J (ag.) given orally on May 14, 2012 denying an application by BIPA to be joined to the judicial management proceedings initiated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Leave was granted to appeal this decision not to be joined on the basis that there was genuine public interest issue.

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In this application for special leave to appeal a judgment of the Court of Appeal, the CCJ carefully balanced the public interest in maintaining confidentiality against the duty to disclose in order to obtain a fair trial.

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An appeal challenging the exercise of jurisdiction by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

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This judgment deals with procedural applications challenging the role of the Executor in respect of remuneration to trustees.

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