Practice Areas​

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Some of the matters we can help you with.

Business & Contract Disputes

Experience dictates that disputes often arise by failures of understanding. The first effort must be to clear up any misconception and broker a compromise of non-litigation outcome.  Litigation may be necessary but every effort, where possible, must be exhausted to achieve a non-litigious outcome.

Estate Planning

A critical aspect of life.  As responsible caretakers of your future generations Khan Chambers will advise you of the options available to you to create enduring legacies which safeguard your desires and wishes while providing for those for whom you care. Advice and professional services include but are not limited to the construction of Wills and setting up of Trusts.

Khan Chambers will also, on request with no obligation to engage, put you in contact with professionals in other disciplines who can render advice and guidance on for instance tax planning.

Business Formation & Compliance

From the registration of business names to the intricacies of incorporating companies, Khan Chambers is ready to assist and follow through expeditiously to ensure that your business aims and targets are met.


Family matters require tact and sensitivity while focussing on outcomes that are realistic and fair to all parties concerned dependant on the individual circumstances that present at any one time. Khan Chambers will serve to guide and navigate you through the regrettable but sometimes necessary decisions; such as the dissolution of your marriage, an agreement on custody and care arrangements for the children of the relationship and the settlement of interests in matrimonial property. 

A timely outcome is critical to avoid the continued agony that accompanies any delay in matters.  Khan Chambers is committed to assiduously working with you.

Other practice areas

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